Bastien Renaux Massage Therapy

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Bastien Renaux Professional Massage Therapy is a massage therapy practice in Hove Clients expect and receive a relaxing, rejuvenating and therapeutic session performed in a beautiful and serene setting.

My mission is to provide holistic methods of massages, bodywork and training. I believe a connection between the mind, the body and the spirit is the key to allow your body to achieve homeostasis. By providing my clients peace, relaxation and well-being through specialized massage therapy treatments, I strive to meet your needs on all levels.   


Whether you are the CEO of a company, a seasoned athlete, a blue collar worker, or a couple, everybody needs a moment of peace, well-being and relaxation.


I hope to be able to help you soon.


Mon - Fri: 9am - 11pm

Tue-Thu: 9am - 7pm​​
Wed: 5.30pm - 11pm


Jan Frans Gellyncklaan 220

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